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I will be updating our progress in the Competitive Pumpkin Growing arena through this page.

  What's a Pumpkin Nut anyway? Since 1978 we have been growing giant Pumpkins for competition. In the early 90's we had good success but have been stuck at the 600's ever since. With champions in the 1200 lb. range now we are well down in the pack. Hopefully this year we will break out of our slump thanks to the generosity of the Pumpkin Groups members in sharing some pedigree seeds with us. The sport has now grown to a worldwide event and is as intense as any traditional professional sport. If you have any Pumpkin questions send them to GBPUMPKIN@aol.com.

Our Grandson & Myself with our 1991 New England Champion Pumpkin.
  THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF A PUMPKIN NUT He is often seen at New England Pumpkin weigh - offs. His picture has been seen around the world on CNN and all major news networks. I guess that's why his face is covered.


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