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I will be using some new things to combat the Disease? problems I had last year. See Pumpkin Disease Info Page.

LATE JULY: disease overtakes patch again wiping out all plants, after 25 years the soil is just too diseased. Next year I will try and squeeze two plants into the Tomato section that has never grown Squash or Pumpkins. If that doesn’t work I will try Solarization and not growing any for a year or two.


A very cold & snowy winter brought thoughts of Snow Blowing the garden like we had to in 2001. A two-week thaw starting in mid March melted the snow and thawed the ground quickly ending those thoughts. Tilled in ironite & Potash last Fall and aged Chicken Pen Dirt this Spring.

Mound #1

Primary: AG-580-98-GB (Living Dead) Parent 1006 96 Bill Greer. Wilt Pulled July 11, 2003

Backup: AG-461-95-GB Parent 923 94 Glen Brown

Mound #2

Primary: AG-950.4-02-BB Boyton Parent 845 02 Bobier Selfed (Australian Record). Wilt Pulled July 16, 2003

Backup: AG-880-02-GAU Gaunow Parents (F) Holland 879 (M) Hester 743

Mound #3

Primary: AG-1172-02-GREER Parents (F) Calai 99 (M) 1153 01 Eaton

Backup: AG-822-02-AV Vader Parents (F) 1153 01 Eaton (M) Greer-Vader 787.5

Mound #4

Primary: AG-1023-02-AV Vader Parents (F) Greer-Vader 787.5 (M) 1153 01 Eaton

Backup: AG-756-02-M. GREER Parents (F) 1062 01 Rivard (M) Calai 846 99

All were Planted April 18, 2003 except the Back-up in Mound 2 which was a replacement planted April 28.

Removed 8 inches of soil, forked bottom of hole another 10 inches with Chicken Pen Dirt and Hollands Bio Grow Endo Plus. Mixed the dirt that was removed with Bio Grow Endo Plus and put it back into the hole. I then mixed Bio Grow Endo Plus in the soil beside where the Mound will be and used this to build the Mound. This left a hole on either side of the Mound. At the bottom of them I mixed in Chicken Pen Dirt and Bio Grow Endo Plus. Then both holes where filled with Top Shelf Soil Amendment mixed with Bio Grow Endo Plus. Top Shelf is a ready to used soil amendment of Compost & Chicken manure, for local growers this is sold by E. J. O'Rourke Landscaping Supplies in Billerica, MA 978.663.8300.
MOUND 4 ABOVE M. GREER 756 ON 6/23/03
Vine Length 8 Ft 8 Inches Largest Leaf 23 Inches. Just starting to show Females.
MOUND 3 APRIL 30, 2003
AG-1172-02-GREER TOP

AG-822-02-AV Vader BOTTOM
ABOVE GREER 1172 7/19/03
Set 6/29 excellent growth rates even with its high top. So far it is holding up past its brother that exploded.
My best plant, even with little sunshine & cool temps this plant is doing pretty well. It's running about 40 percent ahead of the others. May had 22 days of clouds, a very tough start, Windows and Window Walls have stayed up longer than ever before.
Please excuse the sunspot. Another in the background hopefully that one will not do the same. That one in the background is now in the Picture above this one.
MOUND 3 GREER 1172 ON 6/23/03
Vine Length 12 Ft 6 Inches Largest Leaf 20 Inches. First Bloom 6/17/03 Second 6/21/03 Third 6/22/03 all had only one small male with little pollen open at Bloom. Will have to wait for the other plants to bloom and support this one. This is the most vigorous grower so far.

PATCH 7/19/03

M. GREER 756 7/19/03
Set 6/30 no impressive growth rates yet. Those specs are bird peck marks, first time I have had that happen. Dusted it with Copper and 7 Combo Dust, hopefully that will help it heal and give it a bad taste for the birds. This one did not have a shade cloth over it at the time which may spook birds so I added one right away. I have a backup set on 7/11 that looks like it took just in case this one does not make it or continues to grow slow.